Something I have noticed over these last two years

Over these last two years I have been working with a lottery machine where I have worked. I would always see people come and buy a ticket for whatever the big jackpot is this week. No big deal right? The thing I don’t understand is how people can spend hundreds on lottery tickets or scratch tickets. How can people spend so much money on something when the chance of them hitting the big jackpot is very low. I can understand if playing is something you do every so often or play a certain number but spending hundreds to even thousands  is ridiculous. 

People put so much effort and money into the lottery that they lose way more money than they win. Yes gambling is a game of losing and trying to win but putting so much faith in a few numbers to save your financial problems is in my opinion to much. I’m not calling these people addicts at all. Yes it seems like it but I don’t know these people outside of my job so what they decide to do or spend their money on is there business. It is simply just an observation.

Every so often there will be a really big pot for power ball or mega millions and people will spend crazy amount of money just to win 150 million or more. Yea that amount would be nice but what is someone like me or other people who aren’t rich gonna do? Most of the time end up broke all over again. You sometimes hear these stories of these people who struggled financially and hit the lottery and eventually end up broke all over again. People don’t really know how to handle that much money all by themselves.  Which is why I see all these people spend all of their money on a bunch of numbers just to make a quick buck is sad.

There is nothing I can do or say that is going to change anything. As long as there is a cheap way to make money people are gonna do it. No matter what. It’s just a game people play to try to win but end up losing most of the time. It will go on forever. It’s sort of a cycle but of being broke and having broken dreams.

I’m currently in the tree house hanging out and seeing people spend their hard earned money on false hopes. What are you gonna do?

Change sometimes can be good.

I made an earlier post about two months ago about how much I loved my flip phone and how I would never get rid of it. Well as of yesterday that isn’t true anymore. I did get a new phone.

For some people I may be a hypocrite but I know at the end of the day It doesn’t matter what other people think. Honestly I like my flip phone. I didn’t have my face in my phone 24/7 just to see who posted a new picture on Instagram or a new tweet on twitter. I liked actually socializing with actual people. Now that is over well not really.

Now that I have this new phone I plan on doing things differently.  Yes I will have those basic social media apps because it is way easier to access. I also have the wordpress app so I can create post faster and use it more. Also my bill will be cheaper each month than the flip phone. Even though that sounds hard to believe.  This is only after one day. Hopefully I can keep doing the things I did on my flip phone but on a faster and on a more technological scale only time will tell I guess.

To be honest it is sort of weird having this new phone. I’m so used to the flip phone that having all these apps, auto correct and all this other stuff that it’s cool but it’s not. Yes I can do way more on this phone then on my last but having a flip phone made me have real life conversations with people instead of texting them or sending them a snapchat. I know for some people I will have to do these things but I will do my best for that not to happen and bring what I learned from my flip phone and bring it over to my galaxy s4.

So for now the tree fort is under some construction and it will be for a little while longer. When it’s all done it will look brand new and look a lot nicer than before.

The future of a twenty year old.

“Find something you love and make money doing it.” For most of my life this last sentence is something my father has taught me to remember. I don’t talk about it but it means more to me then most quotes i have heard. Most quotes to me at least are very basic and are said in many different ways but have the same overall meaning. As is this one above. It is a very basic and simple quote but has a very good meaning. 

Being twenty years old people finding a career is harder then most people make it out to be. For years people in my life tend to ask me what i wanted to do when i got older. When i was in elementary school it was either a baseball player or a firemen. As i got older and entered middle school it became video game designer or director. Now that i graduated both levels of school and high school when people ask me the same question i really don’t know what to say. I have had ideas of what i wanted to pursue but then that turns into a conversation that leads me to ending whatever interest i have into that career field. 

I have had conversations with my dad about things that i have had or still have interest in and every time he would always say “find something you love and make money doing it.” He was in a similar position when he was my age. Around my age he was in the military and trying to figure out his path in life. Doing different jobs and seeing if its something he liked. After he left the military he continued to look for something he loved and wanted to do for the rest of his life. For a while he found nothing, just doing different jobs and making ends meat. After sometime he eventually found something. He found heating and air conditioning, well installing heating and air conditioning into peoples houses. He loves it, everyday or at least most days him and i talk about what happened on the jobs he did that day and what he had to do or even some of the different people he worked with. The way he talks about his job is amazing and it has this true sense of happiness behind that no one really sees. If you know my father it may not seem like that because it seems he complains about the job or his bosses or even how tired he is on a daily basis then how much he enjoys it. Living with him for these past six years i can see that at the end of the day he truly loves what he wakes up to everyday. 

That is something i hope to find one day. Waking up at 6 am to go to a job that some days might make me upset or stressed but when i go home to see my family and friends ill know that what i do for a living is fulfilling and something i truly love doing. I am sure one day it will happen. Whether it will be tomorrow or five years from now either way doing something i love and making money doing it is the greatest reward in itself. 

Now i am off to find my one true job. Whether i can find it right away is a tough thing to do but it will happen. Just gotta have patience and hope. If anyone needs me ill be in the tree fort of the future. My future. 

Life as it is now and just things in general.

It has been about a month or so since i last wrote a post on this blog. To be honest it has kind of bothered me. I know if it bothered me so much that i could simply just have done more posts than this opening paragraph would be super irrelevant. That is neither here nor there but here we are. These last few months have been interesting for me. There have been up’s, down’s. Pretty much like any other person with any type of problems. The thing with me is i react to my problems differently and in a way that i usually wouldn’t do. Will i go into that at all in this post? No. Sorry.

I started going to therapy about a month ago or so. For the record a lot of people may not know i even go to therapy. Some people thought that things were going great and why need therapy. Well reader of mine that is the exact opposite. What i want people to do who know me in person is nothing. Do not bring up the fact i go to therapy and make a big deal about it or even go to my parents about because they know as well. I go because i feel it helps me not feel so trapped and alone and easy for me to talk to someone when i have had hard times talking about how i feel. If i didn’t go to therapy suicide would be a lot bigger issue than it is now. That is just facts. Also through therapy i am trying to accomplish some things as well but one step at a time. Knowing me if i try to do to many things at once than nothing will get accomplished. I am not going to say what things i am planning on doing because i don’t like talking about things that haven’t happened yet because most of the time when i do whatever i am trying to accomplish never actually gets accomplished. So good luck to myself with that i guess.

Besides therapy talk i did quit my previous job. That was the best decision i have made in years. My previous job brought me so much stress that it was ridiculous. I was employed for two years and it was a interesting two years to say the least. The only thing i got from my previous job was the experience. It helped working there and gaining some management experience working customer service. I do have a better understanding with dealing customers and using a registers simple things like that. Overall i think my time was overdue and if i stayed there any longer i would of gone ape shit. I didn’t mind working at a grocery store but working in a grocery store in a city with people who are rich and think they are better than you is annoying as shit. That is the past and this is the present. To whoever did take the time to read this thank you. It does mean a lot to me that people actually like my posts and continue reading them. I don’t really talk about it a lot but thank you. This was just an update on somethings that i have been doing/dealing with/handling/whatever these past few months. Be on the look out for some more posts this week. If you need me ill be in the tree fort. It has been some time since i been in there. It really needs some good cleaning and a slight makeover.

I am in a loving relationship with my flip phone.

For the last ten minutes or so i have been looking at my phone. Truly there isn’t much to look at because it’s a flip phone but it got me thinking. Thinking about how cell phones changed how we interact with others, go about our daily lives and how much time people spend on their phones. There are a few reasons why i don’t have an iPhone or an android:

1) I simply do not care enough to get one. For some people they might not understand why i don’t care so i am going to tell you (i was going to anyway but figured i just make sure). To have a smartphone doesn’t interest me. I have twitter and facebook but i feel that i don’t need a phone to check it or use snapchat and instagram because i would post pictures neither i or the people who follow me actually like. I don’t need to have all these apps that in ten years won’t even be around.

2) I like being different whether it may get me laughed at or not. For most people who find out i still have a flip phone they tend to laugh then ask me questions on why i don’t have one and why i should get one. People who i  guess do not know me whether or not they grill me on not being “up to date” or “girls are going to laugh at you because of that” then that is fine with me. It’s not going to change anything. If it bothers people that much that i have a flip phone then buy me a iPhone or an android and pay for my bill and i will gladly use that phone. If not then keep your two cents because those my friend i have a enough of thank you very much.

3) I personally feel it is a waste of money. Now i am not saying it is a complete waste of money i just think phones of that caliber are a lot of money. You may be thinking “oh you must not have money to pay for those phones” i have money for a nice smartphone. Do not worry about that it is just the fact that i don’t want to spend a few hundred bucks for a phone that isn’t going to be around in a few years. I rather just keep my shitty phone for now and wait till a price drop or a phone that really intrigues me to spend that amount of money. Until that day my flip phone will be around for as long as it is still working.

Last but not least 4) Fuck what you think. Whether or not you like the fact i do have a flip phone or ask me a million and one questions to why i don’t have a better phone or just wanna good laugh go for it. Truly i have zero cares for your opinion, because at the end of the day i am still gonna call the same people, text the same people and use social media and other apps on my computer that i love very dearly as long as i can. I am happy with what technologies i have or do not have. People may have problems with it but sorry you entered the store where we are all out of fucks, sorry try again next time.

This may sound like i am complaining about other people and their opinions. Honestly it is not that, all it is me stating my opinion on others opinions and actions. If i was complaining i have others forms of doing that and i wouldn’t put those concerns on the internet for everyone who has access can see. It is just (as i said before) me stating my opinion on a certain topic some people have different opinions on.

Well its almost 8:30 and i am going to finish texting all my cool friends with my flip phone. YEAH MY PHONE FLIPS OPEN! WHAT DOES YOUR PHONE DO???!!! NOTHING BESIDES HAVE A CASE AROUND IT AND YOU CAN TOUCH THE SCREEN!!! OH YOU ARE SOOOOOOOO COOL!!! Sorry about that it had to be done. I will be in my tree fort if anyone needs me. I do apologize for the screaming that was not intended for you unless you fall into any of these four reasons. You were just being nice enough to read this and got yelled at i am sorry and one day will make it up to you by buying you a nice ice cream of your choice.

No one likes the future. All the cool kids like that past.

Why don’t people like the future? Nostalgia is making millions these last few years. In my opinion stuff about the future isn’t as popular as the past is.

It may just be me but it seems that the past few years nostalgia is pretty popular. It has always been popular because people like buying things from their childhood or watching old shows and movies but for pop culture nostalgia is pretty big. I am not saying there is a problem with this. It may seem like that but that is not what i am leaning towards. It is interesting how things from the past are coming back or at least trying to and making money doing it. For example there is going to be a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers feature film. I myself am a big power rangers fan (if you know even just a little you know this) and it is interesting because seeing all these re-boots and remakes from the past making money and seeing superhero movies based on comics from the past make millions why not try to get on that nostalgia train as well? Another example to where things from the past are coming back, later on this year Pokemon ruby and sapphire are coming back on will be on the 3DS. Now they are coming back as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. A lot or most Pokemon fans are pretty excited for it.

You may not be seeing a point here talking about things from the past coming back. Just give it some sentences and you will see where i am going with this.

It is interesting seeing all these things come back from the past. I love my nostalgia and it is great to look at the past but i think we as people do it too much. It just seems that these things from the past come back into the mainstream because it brings people back to a time where he/she had a good time and  i personally think we should start going looking towards the future.

As i get older i see why people tend to go toward the past then the future. The past is something familiar and it is something has happened and fun to look upon while the future is uncertain and anything could happen in the matter of seconds. The future can be scary and uncertain but we should start moving away from the past because it holds us back from doing certain things and may even put a hold on people’s creative process. Movies for example, re-boots and remakes happen a lot. Just taking an already successful idea and changing it a little and reselling it to the public. Music is the same way. Taking older songs and sampling them for new artists or songs and putting a different spin on it and putting it out into the public. The list of things from the past that are used now a days can go on and on. I feel that new ideas should be created and new things should happen. Taking more risks because this idea is different and new and may lead to some cool and interesting things. Yes i myself tend to go back and have all the nostalgia feels but i also try and experience new things so it can expand my mind and maybe even liven up my creativity.

To just sum this whole thing up is that while nostalgia is great and fun at the same time i feel it holds us as a society back. It makes us feel safe and we don’t have to worry about it failing because those ideas and thoughts are already visible and successful while new ideas are more risky and easy to fail because no one knows what can happen next. If those steps to try something new don’t happen or don’t get done then we as people are holding ourselves back because we don’t want to take those risks. Life is full of risks and failures and successes so why not try those things and see what it can lead to. If not then move forward at all?

Talking about nostalgia so much and using it in every sentence i am going to adventure on that train today. Then after sometime with that go and transfer over to the new train that may have issues and faults but with some fine tuning and some solid hard work can turn into something beautiful and majestic. All of this will be occurring in my tree fort by the way so please do not disturb. Thank you.

Registered my first domain.

This isn’t a regular post of mine. Really just a quick update. I just registered the domain. So from now on you will be seeing that in the address bar (i am sure you know this already). It is something small but something i have been thinking about it lately. Tomorrow or Tuesday i will be posting a new post. Or maybe one for the next few days. Only time will tell.

Until the next time, i’m going back to my tree fort.