Sex, drugs and rock and roll…..all of which i do not participate in.

Sex, well what exactly is “sex”. The definition of sex is: “sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse.” Thanks Google. For people my age sex is something that just seems people do just to do. I am not saying that everyone is like that it just seems like a common thing happening. I’ll see people my age talk about sex like it’s nothing, going to a club or bars and trying to pick up someone just for a one night stand. Hey, i am not here to judge. If that is your thing go for it 100%, make it legendary. Who am i to sit here and judge someone who has random hookups? If my friends want to do it then cool you don’t need my consent to do it, as long as your safe then that is all that matters. Honestly sex is something i have not participated in, which doesn’t bother to me. Just because i haven’t had sex doesn’t make me some type of loser or a guy never going to have sex. I know i will when the time is right and i find the right woman to participate in this act with.


The main problem i have with sex and society is that the media makes it seem like you should have sex at a earlier age and without the right information and knowledge to make that decision. Sex is such a huge decision, these kids who are like fourteen and fifteen or even younger don’t have the proper knowledge of sex. Nowadays kids could just go on Google and learn about sex in the matter of minutes but i feel with talking to a parent or a family member or even a teacher you trust they will help you understand sex and the importance it will play in your life. I am sure that there are teenagers that are informed and feel they are ready to have sex. If that teenager feels that they are ready and are 100% sure about it then have sex. I know that may sound weird but there are teenagers who are very mature and understand sex and the big decision it is. As i have said above talking about sex with parents, friends, teachers, or whoever you can talk to is most important. As long as people are safe and take the right steps and methods to having safe sex then…TEAR THAT ASS UP!!!

Drugs, drugs, drugs and drugs. Usually when people think of drugs one of the first things that comes up is weed or marijuana, cannabis, mary jane, whatever you want to call it. A lot of people say weed is not a drug. Personally if the government classifies it as a drug and is still mostly illegal in most states and across the world then i will consider it a drug. Until that day comes where it is legal everywhere then weed won’t be consider a drug in my eyes. I myself have never smoked weed or done any drugs before which is great. Being addicted to drugs is such a terrible and scary thing. I cant say to much about drug addiction since i have never been addicted but i can imagine it’s something where it just consumes your life. Such a scary thing to where you need it, you feel naked without it or even function without it. Spending all your money from work and asking people for money to support your habit and even doing things you wouldn’t normally do to make a few bucks just to get a hit. Lately i have been thinking about trying weed for the first time. I know a lot of people as friends, family and associates that smoke weed and say nothing but good things about it. That doesn’t mean I’m going to start smoking now just because of a few testimonials or anything but that is one thing i think i should try once before i just start going against it without truly understanding why a lot of people like smoking it. Maybe i will never do it but I’m not really sure my decision at the moment. If i do ever smoke it i might just put my opinion and experience on here.


Now i do not have really anything to say about rock and roll. It was just an interesting title. Hopefully to whoever reads it whether it be one person or just half a person. (No i am not talking about short people, i mean half by only reading half of this post you asshole). I just think sex and drugs well weed are things that happen in people’s life a lot and do play a big role. That just depends on the person, some people may not have a lot of sex and don’t like smoking weed. Well whatever floats your boat my friend.

If anyone wants to speak to me about any issue you have with me i will be in my tree fort playing video games, drinking mountain dew and eating some Burger King.

What i will do forever

Sports, injuries and other random sh*t……about random sh*t

Recently I fractured my foot and I thought maybe I just bruised it and in a few days everything would get better and I could walk fine without my foot in pain. Today I went to the hospital just to make sure everything was ok and nothing else was wrong. After some x-rays and some waiting I found out I fractured my foot. GREAT!! I mean it could be worse like I messed up my entire foot or I have to get my whole foot cut of and get a new one but shit still sucks. The face my father made when I told him it was a fracture was priceless, he looked really upset. I mean hey i’m not happy about this either. I’m the one with the fractured foot here. The only person I can blame for this happening is myself. If I wasn’t so stubborn this wouldn’t of happened and I wouldn’t be laying here on my bed with my foot in a splint and elevated. Yes I am complaining a bit but hey it makes the world go round and other people do it to. I apologize for my attitude you do not deserve it.

The truth

Sports are a activity that can either be really fun to participate in, watch or be really shitty at or seriously injure you. I personally love sports because yes I do live through these athletes because I am not doing what they are doing. I just buy the jersey’s, watch the games and talk to my friends about whatever is happening in the world of sports. A lot of people don’t like sports which is fine. Not everyone can like the same thing. People love things that don’t involve sports or think sports are really stupid, which is cool with me. I have friends that don’t like sports or just don’t understand them. To some people that seems ridiculous and honestly it isn’t. I mean if you don’t like watching people run up and down a soccer field (I know its futbol but I grew up and learned about it as soccer and i’m sorry) or a basketball court or running around bases on a field then hey find something you like. What my point about sports is….well I don’t have one. I just like sports. While others don’t. I guess that is all I have to say about that. It was kind of pointless but hey isn’t everything ever, like different colors of the same color or how we have all this technology but the dental industry seems to be lacking in technology. Maybe that is just me thinking.

Herp a Derp derp. Sometimes I have to burp. Roses are red. Violets are blue. I really like. Your boobs. These aren’t my poems but I think they are original and have very deep meanings behind them. Well not really now i’m just kind of bored. I wonder what it would be like to be rich. Not famous but rich. I mean I would hate to be famous to the point where TMZ follows me every where I go and keeps tabs on who I hangout with and where I go out to eat. Being rich seems fun. You have tons of money for one, you can buy whatever you like and travel wherever you want. I’m sure being rich isn’t all that cool and doesn’t bring people happiness but if you truly earned your riches and worked really hard for it then it wont go all to your head in my opinion. Maybe one day ill be rich and then ill “make it rain on them hoes” because it seems like a blast doesn’t it?

a dream

Until then ill be in my tree fort developing on my get rich plans that aren’t quick but will take time and preparation.

p.s. all the pictures I use in my posts are from Google images. Just in case some people try to give me a hard time. Bam Shazam.

Being popular and hobbies, interest and other things.

Movies make it seem like being popular is either really cool or really shitty. At my high school there weren’t “popular” kids. My high school was pretty small if I’m correct my graduating class was like 200 kids or so. I never quite understood why it was such a big deal being popular. Yeah the parties seems great and attractive girls but after that what is there? It just seems like a bunch of drama and bullshit that isn’t needed. Hopefully these cliques you see in high school’s ends. Yeah it is cool to have a small group of friends but I’m sure that there are other people who aren’t in your group that are just as cool and have similar interest. I had my small group of friends in high school but I also was cool and friends with people who weren’t in my friend circle. I am sure that some kids want to be in the popular group but it doesn’t seem to be worth it (as I repeated myself above). Sadly cliques in high school will always be there whether we like it or not. Maybe try and meet some new people who you wouldn’t necessarily talk to. There could be a chance a friendship sparks and getting weird starts. The world may never know.

Personally I think hobbies are the shit. I say this because hobbies are something personal that you enjoy doing by yourself or with another person. (Masturbation and sex don’t count as hobbies at least in my opinion). Everyone should have a hobby. This blog I would consider to be my hobby. It is something I can do whenever I want and I could work on it, make it better and show the world and show others why they should love it. Hobbies make the world go round. Without hobbies people would lose their mind with their free time. THE WORLD WOULD BE IN UTTER CHAOS!! ITS AN ALTERNATE DIMENSION NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE IN OK!! I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE! I’M LYING AND I’M SORRY FOR LYING TO YOU LIKE THAT! WE DON’T EVEN KNOW EACH OTHER ALL THAT WELL. I apologize for that all caps rant, It was something that had to be done. In the near future I do plan on trying new hobbies and expanding my hobby resume and experiences. I know some will be great while others will crash and burn. DUN DUN DUNNN!!!!!!

Why do people complain about why they dislike top 40 music or mainstream music or other genres of music? Music is such an amazing way to express yourself and feel a certain way. For people who have a bad day music can be that escape and make people feel more positive. While at the same time music can make you feel sad and feel like shit. Truly it depends on what you listen to. It is a beautiful thing as I will continue to say that forever and ever. I felt this little section about music is something I wanted to say plus I don’t know music makes me feel like I’m in a glass case of emotion.

Hollywood. I’m talking to you. Please stop doing all these re-boots and remakes. I mean I understand making money is the most important thing but the fans should be important as well. If no one is seeing the movie then no money is going to be made. All these remakes from the 1980s and earlier are crazy. I mean I get there is a chance a lot of people loved the original version and that is why a remake is being made in the first place but what is the point when most of the time the remake sucks and is pointless. Now i’m not saying I have brilliant ideas or some original content that is going to make BILLIONS!!! I am just a fan who thinks there should be some change in the movie ideas and possibly more money can be made. What do I know? I am just some nineteen year old who enjoys the movies. It would be interesting if I could have an opinion but I doubt any one is going to give a shit

But while I wait…. What i will do forever

If anyone needs me ill be in my tree fort watching Power Rangers re-runs and reading Harry Potter because I really really dearly love Harry Potter and Power Rangers

Why people care so much about people’s sexual orientation and skin color.

The year is 2014. (As most of you know) I figured by now that if your skin is brown, white, purple, yellow, gray, unicorn or spaghetti you would be treated the same as the person next to you. There is still racism in the states and around the world but I believe that racism isn’t as bad as it was in the 1960s and earlier. Now sexual orientation is the next big issue. Why does it bother people so much whether they love a man or a woman? If a man loves another man or if a woman loves another woman what is the big deal? One of my good friends is gay and I have never had a problem with it. Even when I was a child I never understood why people care about who people love or what their skin color is. This is just my personal opinion but I feel that for most of the people who judge people who are gay or are of a different skin color haven’t dealt with what others have dealt with. Now I’m not saying I can understand what being ridiculed and worried about what people around me will think of me because of my skin color or my sexual orientation but it does suck seeing people who just want to be themselves and live the way the want to but have to deal with the ignorance of people throughout this world.

I feel that hopefully one day that skin color and sexual orientation wont even be a problem anymore. By the time I have grand kids i hope this would be something us older people look back upon and talk to the younger about so they can gain some knowledge and see what it was like to me when i was their age. To be honest I know that in the future there will be some other issue people are going to have. For whatever reason people want to judge people and control them because of something that person isn’t. It is ridiculous, but hey what are you going to do? People can try really hard and try and make everyone equal and it should work in my opinion but there are those people who just want to ruin things for others. One day those people will be punished by wearing weird animal costumes and made to run 100 miles a day. I don’t know that was the first thing to come to mind. If you can come up with something better let me know.

Until these days come ill be in my tree fort if you need me.