Not much to really say about me.  I’m twenty years old, I live in Connecticut (USA just in case you aren’t from the US and aren’t familiar with the names of states). I wanted to start this blog just to talk about things that were on my mind. You wont really see to many things written about my personal life. More on current events, movies, books and other things. (Which by the way is a lie.)

I call this the tree fort because I never had a tree fort but always wanted one because it would a nice place to go to when I want to read or just have some time to myself. Yes I thought this when I was child so don’t judge me. Having a blog called the tree fort is different because it relates to people as well. Why you ask? BECAUSE TREE FORTS ARE AMAZING THAT’S WHY!!! As you can see I really like tree forts.

Hopefully whoever reads this enjoys my blog or whatever you the reader want’s to call this place. I will do my best to write post’s that are enjoyable and for people to relate to and feel all the feels for you to….you know. Feel.

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