Change sometimes can be good.

I made an earlier post about two months ago about how much I loved my flip phone and how I would never get rid of it. Well as of yesterday that isn’t true anymore. I did get a new phone.

For some people I may be a hypocrite but I know at the end of the day It doesn’t matter what other people think. Honestly I like my flip phone. I didn’t have my face in my phone 24/7 just to see who posted a new picture on Instagram or a new tweet on twitter. I liked actually socializing with actual people. Now that is over well not really.

Now that I have this new phone I plan on doing things differently.  Yes I will have those basic social media apps because it is way easier to access. I also have the wordpress app so I can create post faster and use it more. Also my bill will be cheaper each month than the flip phone. Even though that sounds hard to believe.  This is only after one day. Hopefully I can keep doing the things I did on my flip phone but on a faster and on a more technological scale only time will tell I guess.

To be honest it is sort of weird having this new phone. I’m so used to the flip phone that having all these apps, auto correct and all this other stuff that it’s cool but it’s not. Yes I can do way more on this phone then on my last but having a flip phone made me have real life conversations with people instead of texting them or sending them a snapchat. I know for some people I will have to do these things but I will do my best for that not to happen and bring what I learned from my flip phone and bring it over to my galaxy s4.

So for now the tree fort is under some construction and it will be for a little while longer. When it’s all done it will look brand new and look a lot nicer than before.

I am in a loving relationship with my flip phone.

For the last ten minutes or so i have been looking at my phone. Truly there isn’t much to look at because it’s a flip phone but it got me thinking. Thinking about how cell phones changed how we interact with others, go about our daily lives and how much time people spend on their phones. There are a few reasons why i don’t have an iPhone or an android:

1) I simply do not care enough to get one. For some people they might not understand why i don’t care so i am going to tell you (i was going to anyway but figured i just make sure). To have a smartphone doesn’t interest me. I have twitter and facebook but i feel that i don’t need a phone to check it or use snapchat and instagram because i would post pictures neither i or the people who follow me actually like. I don’t need to have all these apps that in ten years won’t even be around.

2) I like being different whether it may get me laughed at or not. For most people who find out i still have a flip phone they tend to laugh then ask me questions on why i don’t have one and why i should get one. People who i ¬†guess do not know me whether or not they grill me on not being “up to date” or “girls are going to laugh at you because of that” then that is fine with me. It’s not going to change anything. If it bothers people that much that i have a flip phone then buy me a iPhone or an android and pay for my bill and i will gladly use that phone. If not then keep your two cents because those my friend i have a enough of thank you very much.

3) I personally feel it is a waste of money. Now i am not saying it is a complete waste of money i just think phones of that caliber are a lot of money. You may be thinking “oh you must not have money to pay for those phones” i have money for a nice smartphone. Do not worry about that it is just the fact that i don’t want to spend a few hundred bucks for a phone that isn’t going to be around in a few years. I rather just keep my shitty phone for now and wait till a price drop or a phone that really intrigues me to spend that amount of money. Until that day my flip phone will be around for as long as it is still working.

Last but not least 4) Fuck what you think. Whether or not you like the fact i do have a flip phone or ask me a million and one questions to why i don’t have a better phone or just wanna good laugh go for it. Truly i have zero cares for your opinion, because at the end of the day i am still gonna call the same people, text the same people and use social media and other apps on my computer that i love very dearly as long as i can. I am happy with what technologies i have or do not have. People may have problems with it but sorry you entered the store where we are all out of fucks, sorry try again next time.

This may sound like i am complaining about other people and their opinions. Honestly it is not that, all it is me stating my opinion on others opinions and actions. If i was complaining i have others forms of doing that and i wouldn’t put those concerns on the internet for everyone who has access can see. It is just (as i said before) me stating my opinion on a certain topic some people have different opinions on.

Well its almost 8:30 and i am going to finish texting all my cool friends with my flip phone. YEAH MY PHONE FLIPS OPEN! WHAT DOES YOUR PHONE DO???!!! NOTHING BESIDES HAVE A CASE AROUND IT AND YOU CAN TOUCH THE SCREEN!!! OH YOU ARE SOOOOOOOO COOL!!! Sorry about that it had to be done. I will be in my tree fort if anyone needs me. I do apologize for the screaming that was not intended for you unless you fall into any of these four reasons. You were just being nice enough to read this and got yelled at i am sorry and one day will make it up to you by buying you a nice ice cream of your choice.